BNI Corporate University

BNI Corporate University

This is BNI Corporate University’s framework consisting of bases and pillars which are
interrelated with each other. A base consisting of Learning Strategy
Governance and Learning Focus should exist to support the pillars over it such
as Knowledge Management, School/Academy, Culture Transformation Center,
New Talent Supply Center, Assessment Center, Organisational Research
Center, Supplier/Customer Development Center, Alliance & Partnership and
Learning Infrastructure. In the end, these pillars support Learning Solution
Architecture and Learning Solution Delivery System.

Learning Strategy Governance
Learning Focus
Learning Solution Architecture
Learning Solution Delivery System
Knowledge Management
Learning Infrastructure
Business, Risk & Partnership Academy
Core Competency Academy
Leadership & Future Capability Academy
Culture Transformation Center
New Talent Supply Center
Assessment Center
Organization Research Center
Supplier/Customer Development Center
Alliance & Partnership

BNI Corporate University

BNI Corporate University



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